I wasn’t feeling too perky this morning (the four glasses of wine the night before may have contributed. Oops.) I had a massive plate of scrambled eggs on toast which was delicious (seriously, they must have used 9 eggs – so much protein!!) but things went down hill after that. I managed to kick over a big bottle of water all over the floor, I got a random nosebleed which made me late for stretching – and then I subluxed my rib again.

The warning signs were there in retrospect but I ignored them (shock) I was feeling quite stiff and something didn’t feel quite right when I stretched my shoulders in child pose. When I did the upper body twist and leant forward I felt my rib go. I lied (lay?) down immediately but couldn’t get it back in. The pain was awful. The tech leading the stretch class was brilliant. She called the Physio down straight away and moved a screen around me to give me some privacy. The Physio manipulated the rib back in (OUCH) and I nearly vomited. They maneuvered me into a reasonably comfortable position on my side, propped me up with pillows and called reception to bring me some ice. They offered to call a doctor over from
Stanmore, or some paramedics but I declined both. I’ve put my rib out before and know there nothing else to be done.

Because I’m a hero (!) I did my next session in that position. Somewhat ironically the session was making my set back plan. I’m happy enough knowing what to do when I have a lupus/PoTS/EDS flare up – I just drop back to my original baselines, keep moving as much as possible and build it up again when I feel better. What I didn’t know how to work through was when I dislocate or sublux something. How am I meant to keep doing stuff then?! The plan we came up with is to have someone I can call in an emergency situation to help me immediately. I chose my neighbour as she’s home all the time and frankly loves a bit of drama. Although her busy-bodyness can be annoying she is lovely and is always offering to help me. So I’ll need to have a chat to her when I get back home, make sure she’s ok with that and talk her through what she’ll need to do. To cope with the pain I’ll apply ice, put on the relaxation CD we were given (I’m highly unlikely to do this) get into a comfortable position and take deep breaths every few mins. When the pain subsides I’ll begin gentle movement and gentle stretches. I also need to work on my negative thoughts, instead of saying to myself “I’m a failure, I’m being a wimp, I can’t believe I’ve ruined everything” say “I didn’t do this on purpose, it’s not my fault, this is a set back not a relapse and I will recover and move on”.

After that the PT, OT and tech helped get me sitting, then standing, then slowly walked me back to my room. I’d managed to lock myself out so the tech went and got a spare key, they got me into bed, propped me up on my side again. Got more ice from reception and got my tramadol and diazepam out of my bag for me. They even plugged my phone in, filled up my water bottles and put my ipad close to hand so I had everything I needed. They excused me from the rest of the day which I was really disappointed to miss – cooking session, sports at aspire and a pacing talk (ok, I wasn’t that upset about the pacing talk). After I dosed myself up I fell asleep until 5pm.

On waking I felt gross from the tramadol and diazepam and was in a lot of pain still but I managed to get myself into the bath (the new Dr Salts muscle relaxing bath salts my parents bought me came in handy) got dressed and made it out to dinner with my CM. I even did a few of the more gentle stretches we’d been shown to try and ease the muscle spasm in my shoulders.

So a very annoying set back but I’m pleased I used the tools we’ve been taught, that I pushed through when I normally would have taken to bed for the whole day, and the therapists were very complimentary in the way I dealt with it (even if I thought I was a wimp – still gotta work on that negative thinking!)